Winter Wonder Retreat Deposit

Winter Wonder Retreat Deposit


Winter Wonder Rest & Recovery Retreat will focus fully on restorative​ yoga and masterfully guided yoga nidra ("yoga sleep") meditation, complete with gentle movement and breathing practices, lots of self care and rest. This retreat is suitable for all levels and ages. The main prerequisite is that you are ​ready to allow yourself the time to ​​rest and restore your natural resilience and joy​.​ Gentle asana classes and lots of guided meditation will reset and renew you inside and out, so that you can return home nourished and rested. 

All meals and accommodation are included. Transportation not included.

Packages start at $585 CAD. Please contact Adam at or at

647-920-9234 to select your accommodation, and for any other questions.

Deposit is non refundable. Remainder due by Feb 10th 2018.