select START TIME 10am / 2pm

select START TIME 10am / 2pm


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled session, and avoid caffeine to maximize the depth of your experience.

There will be a brief orientation with the pods, and if you're new to the float therapy, you can expect to float effortlessly in a  pod that contains 10 inches of water and dissolved magnesium salts, creating a soothing, saline environment in which the body effortlessly floats. With the temperature perfectly matched to your body, you'll floating gently into complete and total relaxation. 

 REST NEST is located at 21 Yorkville ave. check out for more info

The yoga class led by Adam, will be a combination of therapeutics, restorative and pranayama (breath work) and will be suitable for all levels of experience. Absolute beginners welcome.

Please wear yoga clothes and bring a mat if you prefer to use your own, but we will have a mat for you.  

Contact Adam at with any questions and with specifications regarding dietary restrictions.